Registration Form
If you have decided to come to camp this summer, you will need to print and fill out this form in order to register.
General Information
For any information you need regarding transportation, communication, location, and more at camp.
We love to go to camp!
Day Camp Information
If you are interested in our day camp program, this document should answer all your questions.
Camper's Checklist
Not sure what to pack? Before you come to camp, refer to this checklist to make sure you have everything you need.
Counsellor Application
You will need to submit this form if you are interested in working as a counsellor this summer.
L.I.T. Application
Those who would like to participate in our Leaders-In-Training program can apply using this form.
These documents can be viewed, printed, and/or downloaded to your computer through Adobe Reader, which you can download here.
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